Design Your Own Giant Book Shapes

24 05 2011

Okay, so… I have a pack of these “Design Your Own Giant Book Shapes” that I purchased from Oriental Trading Company to use for our summer reading program. I thought it would be fun to color these in and then stick the business-card sized sign up slips summer reading club participants are filling out on the front for fun displays.

Trouble is… these bad boys are 28″ by 22″. Artsy people of the world… what would you recommend to color these (they’re your basic white cardboard right now). I’d like something quick and easy (so recommending colored pencils is not going to win you a gold star).

I don’t necessarily want to just slap a bunch of poster paint on them… I’d like to be able to see the lines defining the book without having to be real fussy about it, if that makes sense.





One response

7 06 2011

For the record, I went with watered down poster paint in fluorescent pink, blue, and yellow (because those were the fun colors I had on hand) that I mixed up in 3 spray bottles from the dollar store. I took the shapes outside on a nice day and went to town. The results varied– one of the spray bottles had a malfunctioning sprayer, and it was difficult to get the spray pattern I was looking for, but in the end, they are bright, fun, and the perfect backdrop for all the sign-up shapes.

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