B3DA Day 27

27 04 2011

I”m really bad at those “rewrite an ending” kind of things. Guess my creativity doesn’t quite work that way.

Here are some things I discovered today:

-I get to see mummies and gold things from ancient Egypt tomorrow and I’m excited!

-Gas is expensive. That sucks.

-I was supposed to pay a bill from my old place. Yesterday. Crap.

-Little girls with glasses who love raccoons and owls are just the cutest.

-Living with other people is a really good thing for me.

-I may or may not be receiving mail correctly. I did get some things after I first moved, but recently had a package be returned to the shipper because supposedly my address is invalid. Not sure, since I know its right. Hmmm….

-Spring should come back already— I’m ready!




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