B3DA Day 23

23 04 2011

I’m feeling more contemplative today than usual. Who knew I could be any more contemplative, right?

Today is a day of waiting.

As a Christian, I am waiting for tomorrow when we will celebrate Christ’s resurrection, and the promise that holds for all who believe.

As a cousin, sister, niece, daughter,  and friend I am waiting to spend time among some of my family members. Tomorrow we’ll gather together to share a meal, laughs, and time when we all just relax and be ourselves.

As a woman, I’m always waiting. I’m always wondering and worrying and trying to predict what tomorrow will bring. As one who has goals and dreams that seem so out of reach, I’m always fighting the wait. I’m always wishing and hoping that today might be the day. Today the wait might be over. Not for my life to begin or something like that– my life is going on every day!– but the wait towards the fruition of a dream or goal might be nearing its end.

As a writer (at least for April!) I’m waiting for inspiration to strike.

And as a Christian, I am also awaiting the end, when the worry and weight, failures and shortcomings, doubt and fear and questioning will cease and I will just be. Just be the me I was created to be.




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