B3DA Day 19

19 04 2011

I always have these ideas in my head about posts I want to write. Posts that are eloquent and full of truth and meaning. And then I sit down to start typing and the words just aren’t there. The meaning and the intent is totally there, but that link is missing that would translate it into something meaningful.

Like how there just aren’t words to describe the colors of a sunset (or sunrise if you’re one of those overachieving types). The joy listening to children play or a baby babble. The sorrow and grief that comes with losing.

For a language with so many synonyms, so many adjectives, there are things we just can’t define or label. We certainly try. I mean, I’ve been going at it for like 129 words already. But yet we feel (or at least I feel) the need to try, knowing we will fail. I just want to feel like someone understands, someone sees what I see, hears what I hear, feels what I feel. Most of the time, I celebrate diversity. I enjoy finding out about people from different experiences, places that challenge me, and ideas that cause me to question. I’m not always comfortable with diversity, but I think it has supreme value and meaning.

What I wish I could describe today is that feeling of being completely right and completely wrong. Things seem in place and out of place all at once. You feel seen and heard and yet completely not too. Its a hard place to be in– complicated maybe.

I guess that’s just the nature of life, right?

Oh, and read more books. There’s lots of good ones out there, find a smart librarian and ask them. 🙂




2 responses

20 04 2011

I love this. I have the same feeling! I feel like I lose the brilliance somewhere between the synapses of my brain and my typing fingers. What to do?

20 04 2011

I understand perfectly well as I sent the girls on a run yesterday that I thought I had explained well–it didn’t go well because of my directions or the lack of understanding. It completely resonates in the gap that lacks meaning. That smart librarian suggested a series of books and I’m finally getting around to reading them.

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