B3DA Day 13

13 04 2011

I’m not taking any credit for the recipes I share here…

The first is Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. I just made these yesterday and they’re amazing. I used the recipe from Picky Palate

The only deviation I made was using mini chocolate chips (because they’re so dang cute!)

Here’s a shot of them on the cooling racks:








Mmmm… Here’s what it looks like when you cut one open:








Oooey, gooey goodness right here folks. This one was still warm when I cut into it. As they cool, the Oreo firms back up a bit so the layers of chocolate cookie and vanilla creme are more distinct.

The other recipe I’m going to recommend today comes from the Rookie Chef for Taco Chicken Rollups.

This was so easy and a good way to change up regular old baked chicken. I would say that next time, I’m not going to crush as many Cheez-its as the recipe calls for. I ended up wasting a lot since they were a) crushed into itty bitty pieces, b) mixed with taco seasoning and c) (the real reason) covered with chicken germies.

Food talk aside… can you believe these pictures were taken on my phone? I think the resolution is almost as good as my digital camera. Dang, technology!








2 responses

13 04 2011

I saw a recipe/picture of those oreo stuffed cookies a few months ago and they look AMAZING! When my year without dessert is over I will definitely have to give them a try.

14 04 2011

Um, those taco chicken roll ups might be my next conquest when I’m in Dubuque for more than 24 hours straight šŸ™‚

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