B3DA Day 10

10 04 2011

I can’t sort the jumble in my head out into anything coherent, so here’s a bulleted list thing:

  • Turns out, my mom may be allergic to salmon.
  • It’s fun to Google things, and it’s also fun you can Google things from almost anywhere… such as a cemetery of nuns.
  • I really hope I get to live by water someday, even if its just for sometimes.
  • I have a lot of outer space related work to do by 6:30pm on Friday (we’re having a Family Fun Night at work).
  • I wish I could find someone who shares my vision of the future.
  • I need to remember to go get the Five Astronauts magnet story pieces hard laminated before work tomorrow.
  • I like having clean laundry.
  • I wonder who my new roommate with be.
  • Should I be concerned I haven’t heard from my previous rental company re: my security deposit refund?
  • I wish I could remember the name of the song  we sang in Swahili at my church in Iowa. I can remember a few words and some of the refrain, but that’s not enough to You Tube.
  • Is it really already Sunday night?



4 responses

11 04 2011

I feel I should be most concerned about those top 2 bullets. How did your mother find this out? And what were you googling from a cemetery of nuns?

12 04 2011

1. She tried some salmon at sunday night dinner, thinking she had had it before, but after her teeny little bite she started getting a rash on her arms, throat, chest, and face.

2. I was finding out who Veronica was, of Veronica in the Stations of Cross (there was a cross for each Station on the way into the cemetary).

14 04 2011

What parts do you remember of the Swahili song? Is it Siyahamba? That’s my favorite. 🙂

24 04 2011

So how’s this for funny happenstance… this week, one of the boxes of choral pieces the choir director at church had out on her music table is the one I was thinking of. Our youth choir is going to sing it. Its called O Sifuni Mungo. As soon as I YouTubed it, more of the song came back. Its one of those songs that you can’t help but smile as you sing, and makes you dance around! I do like Siyahamba– lots of good memories singing that one too!

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