B3DA Day 8

8 04 2011

This is supposed to be “Follow Friday” where I suggest a blog for you, dear reader, to go check out. I’m pretty confident most of the blogs I follow are of little interest to most of you, and the ones who do share many of my professional and personal interests already follow most of the blogs I would suggest.

So now I don’t know what to write about. I’m feeling contemplative, but not about anything I particularly feel like sharing with the entire Internet. Sorry.

I’m going on a retreat tomorrow into Sunday morning and I’m glad. I need some time away from my life to catch my breath, refocus, and puzzle out some things. I also hope to share in some delightful fellowship with some of the women from my church (we’re retreating together. Its like someone planned something. Oh wait…). I was looking forward to some hiking during our free time, but its looking like the weather has other ideas. Perhaps I might finally get a knitting lesson. I feel like the odds are pretty good that at least one of the ladies attending the retreat is an accomplished knitter.

I will be posting though. Can’t neglect the BEDA! I had hoped to post all these pictures of the beautiful (if a little brown and boring) landscape, but now I might have to get creative. đŸ™‚




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