B3DA Day 7

7 04 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

1. I ate my lunch picnic style outside today. It was awesome! I learned last year that I was really really Vitamin D deficient, so I’m trying to take advantage of opportunities like this to spend some time (in small doses so I don’t turn into a tomato) out soaking up some Vitamin D-rich rays.

2. I recently moved, and so far hadn’t really had a chance to talk to the other people who live in the same house with me. I’ve had random conversations with all of them this week and I’m glad for that.

3. Mat Kearney! I’ve been listening to all my Mat Kearney songs on shuffle during the drives. His music is Springtime kind of music I think.

4. Frisbee. Because, why not?

5. I recently posted on Facebook the good news that I had some reviews published for a professional magazine. I got so many congratuations from friends and former grad school classmates. It was wonderful. Thanks to all of them for being so supportive. (Though I have to say, to all the children’s librarians/school media librarians who responded… you could do it too!)




One response

7 04 2011

Pic-a-nics! Once it’s warmer here I want an excuse to sit outside. I think I shall steal yours.

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