B3DA Day 6

6 04 2011

One of my favorite concerts was seeing Marc Broussard at First Ave with my friend Shay. The show was my first official 18+ event, and I drove all the way back from college to see it.

Marc Broussard, in case you don’t know, rocks. Live, he’s one of those guys who might not be tearing around the stage, but when he opens his mouth, what comes out is true and raw (and in my opinion) better than the record. I’d love to see him again, but I’m not a big go-to-concerts-by-myself type of person. I guess I’d rather experience it with someone(s), and not just try to tell people how awesome it was later, you know?

Otherwise, Josh Groban puts on a spectacular show. Really dug that– thanks to Julie for the great gift back in college! Could have done without the flat tire on the way home, but we made our memories the hard way. She got a flat tire once, my license plate fell off in a parking garage once… little things like that đŸ™‚




2 responses

6 04 2011

I want to see Marc Broussard live. Let’s make that happen sometime! đŸ™‚

7 04 2011

Lots of great memories! I’m hoping that I don’t incur any of those issues this time around.

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