B3DA Day 5

5 04 2011

If I won the lottery, I’d first want to know what my actual winnings were after taxes.

Then I would pay off my debt, and pay off my parent’s house, and give my brother and sister some fun money.

Then I’d find some charities like Mocha Club, Shelterbox, and Donors Choose to give lots of money too.

You know those amazing people who go around doing wonderful things like paying for people’s orders in the drive through behind them or sitting at a table nearby? I think it would be an awesome occupation. So I’d like to start using my new found wealth to surprise and delight complete strangers.

I suppose it would be wise to hire someone to invest some of the money for me, so that I could continue to do these types of things after like 6 months.

I would not quit my job. Besides the fact that my job comes with a great benefits package, I would miss it too much if I quit, even to do great things like travel the world. But it would be sweet to be able to hire a private jet to just hop over to Europe or Asia or Australia when the whim hit.

If the lottery I won was one of those 67 million dollar types (do those exist?) I’d do something crazy like buy a mansion and make 2 colleges swap so Becky’s university could be closer and we could be roommates again (but not have to share a bathroom and tiny kitchen). And then I’d give Becky’s university money to hire lots of the cool academic librarians I know to come here too. Then I’d restore and renovate my library and hire all my favorite public librarians because our library would become so popular we would need them all.

I’d like to think I’d still be me– just financially richer, but its hard to say.

Oh, and I think I’d buy fresh flowers more often. I know its frivolous and they’re just going to die faster than leaving them on the plant, but I love how they look in vases and how I can move them around and mingle all the different colors and types together. I don’t get flowers very often, but I would love to have them in lots of rooms and at work.




3 responses

6 04 2011

I am all about the idea of rooming together again minus the bathroom sharing and a tiny kitchen 🙂

Also you would be really good at the kindness to strangers thing. Someone should hire you to do that.

6 04 2011

Wow, you think big, I like it. And the random acts thing as an occupation is brilliant. IF I win anything, I am stealing that idea.

6 04 2011

What can I say Autumn… I guess I’m a bit of a dreamer 🙂

And please steal the random acts thing as an occupation. I think the world could use all the random acts it can get!

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