B3DA: Day 3

3 04 2011

Today’s suggested topic… crushes.

Last year I wrote about my junior high crush on the Backstreet Boys.

Some things I’ve been crushing on recently…

1. Ed Vere‘s book Banana! If you have a preschooler know a preschooler, or find one on the street, read this book with them. You have to be willing to be a little dramatic (the book only has 2 words: Banana and Please), but that’s just part of the fun.

2. I have a little crush on Mike Holmes of the HGTV shows Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspections. He’s like Bob Vila, but Canadian and cooler.

3. Starburst has a bag of jellybeans that are only red flavors. Delish.

4. Spring. I don’t know if its possible to have a crush on a seaons, but I’m crushing on Spring. The winter wasn’t too terrible in my estimation. Yes we had lots of snow, yes that’s annoying to drive in, but we really only had a couple weeks of frigid days, so overall, it wasn’t too bad. It was just long. Our first big snow was November 13th. We have snow in the forecast for this week. Its now APRIL. Obviously the snow won’t be sticking around, but still. The days that are sunny and starting to get warmer (only a Midwesterner would consider a high of 50 or 52 “warmer”) make me happy. I played frisbee with a friend yesterday in sandals on grass.  Happy, happy, happy.






2 responses

3 04 2011

Crushing on Spring. You are adorable! I miss my Amy. 😦

4 04 2011

Sandals on grass. I love it. Watch the jellybeans. No overdosing.

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