I Need a Sous Chef

11 10 2010

Seeking one experienced sous chef. Needs to have excellent knife skills, creativity, and a sense of humor. Extensive knowledge of cleaning and stain removal solutions required. First aid and fire extinguishing training a plus.

Those of you who have been reading for a while may remember the “flaming grilled cheese” incident. I haven’t yet shared the details of the “great cake disaster” from grad school. To make a long story short: more frosting won’t hold a cake together like glue no matter how much you sweet talk it. Turn your back for one minute and you’ll have cake icebergs sliding down frosting rivers.

The latest addition to Amy’s hysterical-cooking-disasters-no-one-was-present-for involves Anastasia’s delicious red lentil stew recipe (seriously… its worth driving to 3 grocery stores to find red lentils for) and a tube of tomato paste. I purchased a tube thinking I might save myself the dilemma of what to do with the rest of the can of tomato paste once the few tablespoons I needed were used. Theoretically, that would have worked. After opening the tube, I proceeded to apply a bit of pressure to squeeze a bit out. Nothing happened, so I squeezed a little harder. I bet you know where this is going.


I had a line of tomato paste in my hair, on my shirt, down the front of the stove, and a little plop on the floor. Hilarious.

I ended up needing to use the entire tube after all due to the unfortunate incident! Sh0ulda just stuck with the tried and true can approach!

The shirts are soaking and a shower fixed the hair, but I’ll still take applications for the sous chef position. Laughing at yourself is more fun with company! šŸ™‚




2 responses

12 10 2010

OMG! You poor thing. I’ll admit I totally laughed out loud at that one. And I appreciate the heads up, because that totally sounds like something I would do.

I would like to apply for the sous chef position, but fear the commute might be prohibitive. Oh, and my knife skills might involve you knowing first aid too. šŸ™‚

12 10 2010

I tried to take pictures, but it was difficult as I was trying not to mash the tomato paste into my clothes or spread it around anywhere else. I am glad you laughed out loud– it is the only proper response I think. šŸ™‚

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