It’s Been Awhile…

23 09 2010

…since I posted. Life’s been busy.

But I felt the urge to return to the land of blogging for 2 reasons. #1: A friend posted a delicious family recipe for BBQ beef (aka sloppy joe’s) which spurred… #2. I’m challenging myself to become a crock-pot guru this fall/winter. I’m hoping my adventure into mostly crock-pot cooking will enable me to make some delicious recipes that will provide enough food for many weekly meals, cutting down on some extra spending. That’s the theory at least. We’ll see how it goes in practice.

Someone ambitious took a 365 day slow-cooker challenge and blogged about it. I’m looking forward to getting some tips and tricks from her experience.

I’m in research mode at the moment. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good reason to be in research mode. They also know that I tend to take research mode to an extreme, finding it necessary to try to accumulate ALL the information I can on a topic before weeding it down. The negative part about being that way in this instance: cookbooks are big. And heavy. My shoulders are already complaining! 🙂

Send me your favorite recipes cookbook title and I’ll try them out!




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