Things I Have Discovered

29 07 2010

A new twist on the “Things I Love Thursday!”

1. Flugtag (Pronounced like Floog-taug– its German for “Flight Day”). Recently my friend Shayna and I were going to hang out, and then her mom and sister suggested we all Flugtag, so we did. Here’s a summary: People get together in teams to concoct a flying contraption. They then climb up to a 30ft  high platform, run their contraption off the edge, and try to get the most distance before the last piece of their contraption touches water. And everyone has to jump in after it. There was an expected crowd of 30 or 40 thousand– Mpls pulled 90,000! It was steaming hot, but a lot of fun.

2. I have discovered just how much of a perfectionist I can be when it comes to the books in the nonfiction collection at my library. I noticed the animal books (in the 590s) were quite out of wack trying to located an item that had been requested today. Then I started noticing how some of the books weren’t “precisely” identified so you had books about zebras mixed in with books about elephants mixed in with books about rhinos. Part of the whole point about using a classification system like Dewey is so that all the books about zebras can live together on the shelf as neighbors with the books about elephants, but not all mixed up in the same house. Yes, people can probably find them easy enough. We don’t have soooo many books that its inconvenient to browse. But. The perfectionist in me really, really wants to fix them. I’m hoping many of them show up on my weeding list when I get to that section so I can thin out the herd and then take another look at the lie of the land.  I didn’t realize just how much that irked me until today.

3. While Summer Reading has been a rewarding and positive experience for me so far (especially for being in charge of as much as I was without ever having done it before), I’ve very glad it will be over soon. I need a little break from the constant flow of children wanting to collect prizes.

4. The “red bag” Starburst makes. There’s like five different flavors of “red” starburst and they are all delicious. It is a good thing I can only find them at Target because otherwise I’d be picking up bags everywhere I went. Sort of like when M&Ms had white chocolate ones for Pirates of the Caribbean. Which were also delicious and I wish they would bring back in the not super expensive “special” packages I refuse to buy.

5. When you don’t water your plants, they start to look very sad and droopy. I know this one should be a no-brainer, especially considering I grew up having to remember to water plants, the grass, the garden…you get the picture.




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