Library Gems

2 07 2010

My teen helpers just pulled a slew of books from the 500s (math, space science, earth science, etc) that either had not checked out in the last 10 years or had checked out but were more than the recommended number of years old based on the collection criteria for our county system.

Basically everything from the first category gets demoted from my shelf space unless it is a cool book that I decide gets to stay in the hopes I can face-out display it or hand-sell it to a kid and get a circ out of it (hopefully more, but one is enough to keep it off the weeding list for a few years!)

Everything from the second group gets a solid look-see. If it’s a book on a topic that isn’t a “time sensitive” issue such as basic math concepts, if the book is still in good condition and doesn’t have any pesky photos or obvious word choice issues dating it– it gets to stay. Some of the others are not so lucky. See photo below. I think it’s a tie between “The Mysterious Sun” and “A Boy and A Battery” as my favorites, but they’re all so amazingly out of date its hard to pick a winner. How science has changed since the 1950s and 1960s!




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