Things I Love Thursday (TILT)

17 06 2010

1. Watching lightning from the comfort of my couch. MN’s getting rocked by some tornado action tonight. I’m not in the path of anything major– but every so often we’re getting some lightning or a boom or two of thunder. I was not going to include this in my TILT because I thought the weather was going to bump the first live So You Think You Can Dance results show of the season and I was disappointed but they decided to “continue their coverage online.”

2. Disasters. Nothing major has happened yet, but every day this week it seemed like another surprise or snafu related to summer reading has come up. Presenters not showing, programs scheduled we didn’t know about, volunteens not showing, other teens accomplishing tasks more quickly than I had anticipated…. there’s still another day in the week so we’ll see what tomorrow has to bring! In a way, I’m almost glad it all happened one day after another because all I can do is shake my head, shrug my shoulders, laugh a little, and move on to the next thing.

3.  This video. I don’t know the guy who made it, but it was made at Shores of St. Andrews. I didn’t work at Shores, but Shores is a part of the same camping ministry that I did work for so we basically did everything in the same order as it is described in the video. Awww… now I’m all nostalgic for Green Lake.

4. Next week I’m turning a year older and celebrating on the weekend with Becky! I can’t wait! I hope Philly doesn’t wear her out (but I hope she’s having a great time with Gretchen!)




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