Just for Funzies

2 06 2010

Yeah, funzies. I said it.

So in the midst of my quarter-life crisis, my job has been an anchor. When I am at work, my feet are firmly on the ground and even when I’m not quite sure what to do (half this barcode is ripped off but I have to scan it to find out which library to send it to, friendly coworker what do i do), I leave every day feeling accomplished. I have these moments of frenetic thoughts where the possibilities seem boundless and the potential for connection with the community and with specific groups within the community burns brightly. That’s exciting.

But…. that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good career test when I see one. I was browsing Facebook when I saw that an acquaintence had reposted the address to her blog. I enjoyed reading it the few times I did, so I popped over to see what she was up to. One of her recent posts was about this career test– which she noted was interesting because it was hard to predict what you should choose to manipulate the results (totally guilty of doing said activity).

The test (http://www.careerpath.com/career-tests/color-test/) has you pick colors you find pleasing in different combinations. I didn’t read anything about how the test was developed, but it has the name Dewey in the title, so it must be good, right? Ha!

Anyway, I learned that I am a Researcher and an Organizer. Duh. I will note that I was sad that in neither of descriptions of characteristics and potentional career paths was Librarian mentioned, but since the results were accurate (at least for me) and I got to look at some cool colors and it really only took 2 minutes of my life, I will forgive them that silly oversight.

So, happy with your career, not yet to a career, or completely clueless about what you want to do with your life, indulge me and take the test. I’m curious! Post a comment with your results!




One response

3 06 2010

Dude. Mine was freakishly right. 🙂 Either I am transparent or they just got lucky!

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