How do they know?

2 06 2010

(I started this post on Sunday, but was interrupted when my family came to help me pick out some plants to spruce up my deck area).

How is it that kids and dogs know when you need a little lovin’?

This past week we had both of our therapy-trained reading assistance dogs, Caesar and Lulu, at the library. Both Caesar and Lulu are still getting to know me, so they like to sniff around and lick my hands, but then then cozy up for a little petting. I didn’t grow up with dogs, as my family suffers from a varying array of allergies, so save our one-year adventure with a hamster named Beaver, pets in general weren’t a part of my life. I have 5 fish at the library that I’ve enjoyed learning how to take care of– the best part is that they are all still alive!

Last week, a boy, maybe one and a half or two was checking out the children’s area. I said hi and waved, and the boy toddled over to me. I figured he was more interested in checking out my little desk area, and would walk right past me where I was sitting on my chair. But instead, he walked up to me, turned to the side, and put his cheek on my thigh for a few seconds. Heart = puddle. Leave it to a toddler to make you feel seen and loved.




2 responses

3 06 2010

OMG!! Cutest story ever! 18-22 year olds cheering you up stories are not nearly as cute as yours!

3 06 2010
Becky R

I think this is one of the best things about living with a dog. Molly, my giant schnauzer, is always happy to see me when I get home. She always makes me feel better and if nothing else she is willing to hang out until I do.

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