20 05 2010

Thing #1. Becky. Like she said “I love her every week, but this week I love her a little more.” I’ve been in a funky mood and 3 days with her was just the thing to clear the storm clouds a little.

Thing #2. Weeding. In the library world, this is the process by which we “deselect” items previously added to the collection. The gardening analogy works pretty well– we’re basically stripping out unwanted or invasive species (New True Books anyone?). I started at the beginning and have been going book-by-book through the shelves. Its the most time consuming way of doing things, but I’m getting a much better idea of what we have. And I’m finding random things (such as hot sauce packets) in behind the books. Organizing and sprucing always makes me happy.

Thing #3. My mom. She emailed me to see if I was busy on Aug. 22 because she had an opportunity to get us tickets to see Wicked. I’ve wanted to see Wicked for a looooong time, and seeing it with my mom will be even more fun.

Thing #4. New hair! I went to Beau Monde salon based on a recommendation from a coworker and I wasn’t disappointed. My stylist was very good and was able to address some things that were bugging me about my previous cut. I also got fresh color which always makes me feel so fabulous. I love being in the sun and watching my hair shimmer and shine. And that’s enough fawning for one blog post.




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