15 05 2010

Becky and I went to The Container Store today. Amazing. I love things when they are organized and I love things that help you be organized. I don’t know if its a normal thing to get all excited by plastic bins and various types of containers with lids– but I do!

I purchased some of these storage baskets with wheels. Genius. I was a little skeptical in the store that they would still roll once they were packed full of pantry items, but they totally do. I have this one narrow cabinet next to the refrigerator that was the only place left for food items after we put all the pots and pans and glasses and plates away. Because the cabinets are deeper than my arms are long, they’re not the ideal situation for food. I had to dig through and take lots of things out just to see if I had what I was looking for. The baskets aren’t as deep as the shelves, but they’re enough to get all the most frequently used items within an easy slide.

The other big project of the day was solving my spice solution. The spices were in an itty-bitty upper cabinet, and also necessitated digging and unpacking every time I cooked. Now, most of the spices live in 20 glass jars in a clear acrylic holder on the counter top. Becky and I had a great time filling all the bottles– my apartment smelled like a variety of spices for a while after we filled all the jars!

All in all a productive day!




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