BEDA Day Final

30 04 2010

Its the last day of April, and so, by default, the last official day of Blog Every Day in April month.  Like Kyle and Katie, I sorta enjoyed getting into a bit of a blogging habit. I didn’t pressure myself to post every single day this month, which I’m glad that I did. As cool as it would have been at the end of the month to say “yay me I blogged every day” I didn’t always have something to say everyday. At least not something I wanted to say to the general public. (Hi General Public! <waves>)

But this is what I am loving:

1. Weeding books that haven’t checked out in a long time. I love how just taking off a few tired looking, unpopular books from a shelf can really perk it up. Suddenly books that were hidden by all the tired ones get to shine and look appealing.

2. The people at my neighborhood Petco. Due to their patience and good advice, I have successfully kept 2 zebra danios alive in my new aquarium at work. I love all the conversations the fish start between kids and me, and between kids and their caregivers. I can’t wait to add some more fish to the mix! (Except I am waiting so I don’t disrupt my nitrogen cycle before it really starts going. I’m a good listener, 🙂 )

3. Experimental cooking. What do you get when you combine 1 lb ground beef, salt, pepper, onion powder, a dash of cayenne, a little garlic powder, a can of enchilada sauce, a little water, some rice, and a small container of “southwest taco” pasta salad from the deli section of the grocery store? Dinner!

4. The musical episode of Buffy, Once More With Feeling. I just watched it again last night.

5. The fact that it might actually rain/thunderstorm today. Yesterday was gray, gloomy, and windy all day until about 5pm when the sun randomly popped out. Today sorta looks like that too, except I think the radar says we’ll finally get that rain.

6. Planning. I know, I know. Who actually likes planning and admits it? But I’m loving thinking ahead to the fall and starting to sketch in some program ideas for specific dates and times. I feel like the possibilities are endless. I know they do in fact have some boundaries, but I’m enjoying the freedom I feel to just plan what I want.




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