BEDA: Day 20

20 04 2010

I’m not going to write about dreams today. Not exactly. But in a way, starting this new job has been a dream.

Its overwhelming stepping into the shoes of someone who has been doing their job for 20+ years and doing it well. Its overwhelming starting off needing to tie together all the loose ends for the summer reading program and try to make heads or tails of things that were planned without you. (Don’t mistake me– I am SO glad lots of things were planned without me! I just want to make sure I carry them out well). Its overwhelming looking at 20+ years of children’s books, displays, posters, decorations, meeting minutes, calendars, programs, etc.

But its also a lot of fun. The little organizer inside me that craves order and uncluttered work spaces is both horrified and thrilled at the amount of things there are to look at and sort out. I make little steps each day, and I hope they’re getting bigger.

I told them it would take me a while to get used to just making decisions without having to check with anyone first because when you come from a place where there is a team of  people using the same materials, you can’t just decide to change something without getting everyone’s input. But since I’m the only one who will be using everything, primarily, they’re pretty much like if you don’t need it… do with it what you want.

I don’t want to say its a dream come true– because that makes it sound like my old job wasn’t a dream come true or something. And that’s not how I feel about it. Its a dream because everyone has been so welcoming and helpful and understanding when I ask silly questions. There was a cake with my name on it when I got there and an invitation to join the staff tennis team (more on that later!) Sugar and fun all in one day. What could be better?

Next week I get to meet all the other children’s services people in the county– fingers crossed they like me 🙂




One response

21 04 2010

Of course they’ll like you! 🙂

I’m glad you have a head start on planning–we’re actually getting pretty solid on most of ours too.

Have fun sorting–I wonder what will be the oldest/strangest things you find!

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