BEDA: Day 15

15 04 2010

Things I Love Thursday:

1. Homemade curry! I cooked for the first time since I moved in and of course, I made the massaman curry recipe I mentioned a couple posts ago. My new apartment has a gas range instead of electric and I am so happy about that! My parents have always had a gas range and I just find it much easier to control the temperature of the food. I tried the curry with lo mein noodles instead of rice. It was yummy, but I still prefer rice for this one I think.

2. Root beer. Some was on sale at the grocery store yesterday and it is delicious. It is also the first thing I spilled on my brand new carpet. Oops! I am a gigantic spiller by nature, so I am prepared with plenty of towels, carpet cleaner, and expert blotting technique. It helps that I had a good teacher 🙂 (My dad sells carpet and flooring for a living).

3. Reruns of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in the middle of the afternoon. Brings me back to an old Saturday night routine. We’d all pile around the couch downstairs and watch Dr. Quinn, Early Edition, and Walker Texas Ranger. Saturday night was one of the few times my whole family was usually home together growing up. Sometimes in the winter, we’d even get a fire going in the fireplace!

4. Texting with my sister at 8am when I’m getting up for the day and she’s going to bed (she works overnights). Having a Target store employee in the family is pretty handy when one is basically decorating an apartment from their store aisles 🙂

5. Infomercials. I’ve seen a lot lately (due to excessive mid-afternoon tv watching). I haven’t seen this one since Becky and Gretchen visited, but its a winner: Shake Weights.




2 responses

15 04 2010

LOVE Early Edition! Have you ever seen if it’s available on DVD?

15 04 2010

Looks like the first 2 seasons are!

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