BEDA: Day 14

14 04 2010

I’ve always wanted to go to Maine. I’ve never been to New England (or to anything East of Florida for that matter). But at some point during high school, I decided that Maine sounded basically like the coolest place ever.

So I did what anyone would do– I hopped on the Interwebs and a few weeks leter, a whole packet of information about visiting Maine arrived in my mailbox.

I’ve still never gone, but maybe someday.




2 responses

15 04 2010

I’ve never heard of Interwebs, but I have written to many a Chamber of Commerce for travel info in my day. I’ve even gotten stuff from the Midwest Living travel bureau on Minnesota! Great, free, fun.

And yes, Maine is absolutely beautiful. But cold. Did you know we went there for our honeymoon?

15 04 2010

No I didn’t know that’s where you went.

And the Interwebs is just the word Internet smooshed together with World Wide Web. 🙂

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