BEDA: Day 12-13

13 04 2010

I had hoped to be putting up before and after pictures of this shelf I decided to build to put my cable receiver and dvd player on. I was all excited. I had gotten a coupon in my change of address packet from the post office for Lowe’s, so I went there hoping to buy a shelf. Well… the size I needed wasn’t exactly standard, so the helpful people at Lowe’s suggested I could create my own. By the time I was done getting everything I needed, 5 people had helped me. I was ready to conquer.

I even bought a small battery operated screwdriver. (ooo, power tools!)

Things were going well– I thought. I painted a piece of wood to match my other furniture in that room, and attached the metal brackets. I managed to get it attached to the wall and it was even perfectly level (I bought one of those too). And then it all fell apart.

I guess its good it happened before I had put the components on there, because they definitely would have broken, but it still was like an epic reinforcement that I wasn’t capable of doing something that seemed so straightforward and simple. So now I have a hunk of wood on the floor, holes in the walls, and still no shelf.

The worse part of the whole thing is that I can already hear my dad saying that I messed it up and I should have just waited for him to do it and why would I try to do it without knowing what I was doing.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a stupid thing to be upset about, I realize that. I’m not starving, I have a very comfortable home with a real floor and windows and lots of things many people around the world only dream of having.

But upset I am.




3 responses

13 04 2010

You have every right to be upset. I think what frustrates me the most when something like that happens to me is that I feel like I’m living into the stereotype.

Also, I think, it’s just that need to be independent. You want to be able to do it for yourself. And I totally respect that.

14 04 2010

I completely understand as I did the majority of the work when I moved into my house. It’s feels like such an accomplishment when it’s finished, but I understand your anger as it’s frustrating when something that you’ve planned doesn’t go as planned. It reminds me of putting together the shelves over the beds in Fern as I had a battery operated screwdriver. Hope you’re able to finish the decorating!

15 04 2010

I’m totally impressed. If someone told me I had to build a shelf, we’d be done right there. I love my tools, but can’t build something from scratch to save my self. So, even if it is not fabulous and functional, I’m impressed with your can-do attitude.

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