BEDA: Day 11

12 04 2010

My week consisted of boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Saturday morning I picked up a UHaul truck, stuffed it to the gills with my worldly possessions (with some much appreciated help from family and friends), ate one last meal at Hickory Park, and hit the road for my new home.

Things were seemingly going off without any hitches– minus the episode trying to detach the unnecessarily complicated base for my tv– until we pulled up at the final destination. We were 10 minutes late, and the office was already closed. We come to find out that somehow the signals were crossed and some staff thought I was coming on Friday, and other staff had to leave early on Saturday, so the end result was, I was able to get into my unit because the cleaning lady had left it unlocked, but I couldn’t pick up my keys or get into my garage space until Sunday when the office reopened.

My mom ended up spending the night with me, and by 10pm we were both in bed. I fell asleep right away! I’ve noticed a few scratches or dings on some of my furniture– but not bad considering the 250 mile Interstate ride they went on.

I’m a couple days behind on my emails– so if any of you blog readers have emailed me, I promise I’ll respond eventually. Thanks for all the support many of you have given me– through kind words, emails, texts, wall posts, cookies, muscles, etc.

Now to motivate myself to keep unpacking and organizing!




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