BEDA: Day 9

9 04 2010

Today’s BEDA theme is “Teach Us” which I think is fun. I’m excited to see what everyone else has to say. I’m going to teach you all something, and then tell you a story about how not to do something. I feel like my posts lately have been very factual and on topic, but not very interesting.

So. Prepare to learn. Someone of my blog readers already know what I am about you teach you… but I hope you’ll enjoy πŸ™‚

Back away from your computer screen and reach all the way down to your toes. Give them a little wiggle.

Find your knees.

Can you give a little gorilla roar by gently hitting your fists on your chest?

Now can you find your nut? (That’s your head).

We’re going to sing a song about my friend Tony Chestnut.


Knows (point to your nose) I (find your eyes) Love (Give yourself a hug) You (point to a friend).

Toe-knee nose, toe-knee nose.

Toe-knee-chest-nut, nose eye love you

Then clap, that’s what Tony knows.

We use that song to start our toddler programs at the library– its a big hit. When I start my new job, my friend Tony Chestnut might just come with me πŸ™‚ That was my something silly.

So now I’ll teach you how NOT to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

When I was in college, I made a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches. They’re quick, easy, and tasty– just how all college students like their food. So my second semester junior year I lived in an apartment on campus with 3 other girls. One of the English classes I was taking we had a 1 page paper due each week (we met for 3 hours on Wednesday evening). I was running about at 6pm editing a friend’s paper who lived on the 3rd floor in our building, finishing my own paper, and deciding there wasn’t any way I was going to be able to make it over to the caf for dinner. (SIDE NOTE: yes, even though I lived in an on-campus apartment, I still had to have a full, 21 a week meal plan. Apparently it saved everyone money to do it this way, but we students thought it was ridiculous).

Anyway. I think… hmmm… grilled cheese would be wonderful. So I lightly butter my bread, peel some American cheese slices out of their plastic wrapping, and heat up the pan on our electric stove (this detail is important later). I flip the sandwich at the peak of golden perfection and as I hurry to pack my bag for class, I grab a plate and prepare to devour my tasty meal. I decide to forgo the spatula in favor of just sliding my little sandwich from the pan to the plate, which was a good idea.

Answering the phone when it rang was not as good of an idea.

My motion to answer the phone caused my pan sliding to miss its mark. The sandwich slid toward the plate, hit the edge, and flipped onto the burner, where it proceeded to smoke profusely. I was able to grab a hot pad and wrangle most of the sandwich off the burner, but some of the residual cheese did burst into actual flames.

So I spent the last 10 minutes before class opening all the window, fanning the room with our front door, and flailing about in front of the smoke detector. Which, by the way, never went off. Hmm. At the time I was thankful, but in hindsight, it really should have gone off, seeing as how it was less than 3 feet away from the stove.

After all the flailing and fanning, I still had to head over to class. And I was still hungry. So I looked at the sandwich, chillin on the counter, peeled off the burnt edge, and proceeded to have half of a “smoked” grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.

Moral of the story: Use a spatula. Or maybe don’t answer the phone.

At any rate– I hope you enjoyed learning something for your inner child, and something that (hopefully) made you smile.




6 responses

9 04 2010

I love the grilled cheese story. That one never gets old. πŸ™‚ Maybe I should have taught how not to make cherry tart cake at 11pm at night.

10 04 2010

I don’t remember this grilled cheese incident, but I fondly remember Rebekah waking me up when the toaster was on fire. The fire alarms never went off which was strange since we lived in Fern where it seemed the slightest notion of smoke would cause us to go outside. Lots of good memories!

10 04 2010

I laughed so hard I snorted at the toe-knee-chest-nut teaching. Everyone should know how to do Tony Chestnut and do it regularly – much like shake your sillies out. πŸ™‚

11 04 2010

I recall the grilled cheese incident! I also find it slightly amusing that you didn’t set off the fire alarm once, whereas I did TWICE when we lived in the plexes.

14 04 2010

Greetings from The Learning Station!

I just wanted to share with you the exciting news that Tony Chestnut was just published in a beautifully illustrated, 48 page, picture book with read along, sing along CD.

The Book About Tony Chestnut can be previewed here. Simply scroll down and click on the TV:

Here’s a link to learn more about Tony Chestnut and all of his friends:

Thanks for the adorable post! I really enjoyed my visit here. I have to go because I suddenly got a craving for a grilled cheese sandwich!! Of course mine will be prepared in accordance to all safety standards :).

30 04 2010
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