BEDA: Day 8

8 04 2010

Things I Love Thursday (TILT):

This is a post about things I have loved this week. Becky‘s been doing these for a while with her original BEDA buddies, and I always enjoy being reminded about the things–big and small– that we can be thankful for each week.

1. Lately, I’ve been super thankful for my friends. They have cared for me in big ways and in small ways and reminded me of why they are the awesome people they are.

2. As I mentioned before, I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seeing tiny Sarah Michelle Gellar kick demon butt has been inspirational.

3. I’m loving my new Dave Barnes tshirt and cd that arrived in the mail yesterday. He’s great. Check him out!

4.  My super awesome friend Lora just got a review she did for School Library Journal published (for sure on their website, not sure yet about the print magazine). That’s a “big deal” for you non-library people out there. I’m so proud of her!!

5. I think I love new beginnings. I’m not sure I love this new beginning yet– but I think I love it.

6. My anti-TILT for the week is packing and cleaning. I do not love those. They’re even less fun by yourself.

What have you loved this week?




One response

8 04 2010

Awww. I wish I were there to help you pack. I watched a lot of Buffy and V Mars while packing up the apartment in Madison. The fam is coming down this weekend to help though, right?

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