BEDA: Day 7

7 04 2010

If we’re going to talk about celebrity crushes, then we’re going to have to get in our time machines, think back to 1997, and recall the lyrics to “Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart,” “Anywhere for You,” and “Backstreet’s Back.”

Yes. That’s right. I was a Backstreet Boys fan girl.

I would have to say Brian was my favorite, but my friend Sheryl was way more obsessed with A.J. than I was with Brian. I knew all the songs, and I had a few posters in my room, and yeah, one or two of my notebooks were covered with BSB pictures from magazines, but she was way worse. Promise. 🙂

The BSB obsession lasted mostly just through junior high, but I still enjoy blasting some classic tunes every now and again in the car.




3 responses

7 04 2010

I do a mean karaoke version of “I Want It That Way.”

8 04 2010

That’s amazing. I can only imagine!

8 04 2010

I feel like I need to hear this. How can we make that happen?

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