BEDA: Day 5

5 04 2010

Sports. I like sports. (Just for you, Beck!)

The most unexpected sport I like? Probably wrestling. Not the professional, “must go to acting school” sort of wrestling, but the good old fashioned kind featuring lots of spandex and some funky looking head protection.

How does a children’s librarian develop an appreciation for wrestling? By being a supportive friend. I went to watch some friends at a tournament they were wrestling in at my high school and before I left that afternoon, I (along with another friend) were roped into being the team managers. My friend eventually got too busy being on the nordic ski team (I love being from MN where high schools have things like that) so she couldn’t manage anymore, but I liked it and I was good at it, and it was fun hanging out with my friends, so I stuck with it for two more years.

Basically, I took a lot of stats, timed some drills at practice, held contacts in my hands when they fell out in the middle of matches, fetched gauze for nose/other bleeds, supplied the post-weigh in treats, and made “good luckers.”

Good luckers– in case that’s weird thing that my school did and no one else did– were things we made usually out of poster board for each of the guys on the team that had some cutesy slogan (like Crush the Cardinals), the time and date of the event, that they wore around school the day of the meet. My fellow managers and I got quite creative with some of them. My favorite featured neon colored feathers. We weren’t sure those would go over very well. 🙂

Anyway– my senior year, the coaches decided to award the MVP plaque to me for my efforts. I don’t know if it was more that they didn’t want to choose an MVP from the large pool of possibilities that year, or what, but I thought it was pretty awesome. I spent a lot of time working on our stat sheets. Each guy had a stat sheet with all of their matches broken down by how the points had been awarded and a little picture of their face and we would compile them in a binder for the banquet. So I felt like I truly earned it– and how often do team managers get that kind of recognition?

I don’t really watch a lot of wrestling anymore, but when I do, I find myself watching the ref for the points as they’re awarded as much as the actual match. Old habits are hard to break.




One response

5 04 2010
Becky Rech

Way to go! I like watching real wrestling too. I grew up watching my younger brother wrestle. He started in kindergarten and wrestled through his senior year of high school. I used work at youth wrestling tournaments, scoring and timing. These days I watch a lot more baseball and basketball… anything but wrestling… not much on TV. My nephew, my brother’s son, is in kindergarten and started wrestling this year. I didn’t make it to any of his tournaments, but I’m told he likes it and is looking forward to next.

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