BEDA: Day 4

4 04 2010

Weekly Wrapup

Um… I watched a little Food Network one afternoon on the television.

I watched Season 3 and half of Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I read Camille McPhee Fell Under the Bus. (That would be a juvenile fiction book).

I listened to Exercise Party. (That would be a kids’ music cd).

So about 50/50 on the work/fun scale that is my media consumption.

This post is kinda short and to the point. If an English teacher were reading, I can see “need to explain” or “elaborate” written on the top of the fictional paper this post appears on. The pressure of packing, moving to a different state, leaving, saying goodbye, all of that is sorta piling up on me. I believe my body’s solution to the stress problem this afternoon was a 3 hour nap. Which was okay today, but I sorta need to get some stuff done this week, so I hope I get some normal sleep.




One response

4 04 2010

Short and to the point works. Yay for moving!!

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