BEDA: Day 1

31 03 2010

Day one of the BEDA challenge: Introduce yourself. Okay.

Name: Amy

Age: 25

Where I live: Good question. I’m in transition. I live and work in Ames, IA, at the moment, but I’m moving soon to the Twin Cities (near where I grew up!)

Where I call “home”: My bed after a long, stressful day. A spoon and a pint of ice cream. Choir. My parent’s house in MN. Lakes. Cuddling on the couch with my favorite people.

Why I blog: I don’t really blog. I mean, I have one (duh, you’re reading it), but I don’t really blog. Becky, my friend, organized this BEDA event for those of us who can’t do the “official” BEDA this year in August because that’s like our craziest time of the year. So I guess I blog for friends.

What part of BEDA I’m most excited about: I’m excited about trying to do a post each day when I will be without Internet at home for possibly the entire middle of April. 🙂

Why I’m doing BEDA [again]: I’m not doing BEDA [again] because I didn’t do it last year. See previous answer for why I’m doing BEDA now.

How I first discovered Maureen Johnson/BEDA: I read Maureen’s books, then I heard about her a lot from her friend John Green in his YouTube videos, then I started following Maureen on Twitter where she talked about BEDA.

Something other BEDA people might not know about me: A better question would be what do BEDA people know about me?

Another blog I follow: I love The Crafty Crow blog. Cuz I’m crafty. Ha.

A writer (of any kind) who inspires me: Basically they all do. I mean anyone who can write thousands maybe millions of words that anyone else would want to read not just because they have to but because the words all make sense and are interesting when put together is pretty inspiring. But I really like Wendell Berry’s poems. And the Psalms.

A YouTube channel I love: I’m not watching much YouTube these days, but of course, vlogbrothers for the entertainment. I also like freedomworksfilms for the music.

A favorite quote: My favorite quote from a “regular” person was told to me by Laurie, the wife of the choir director at my church. She told me one special Wednesday (after a little heart to heart chat), “Amy, I believe in love for you.” What a wonderful thing for one human being to say to another.

One of my favorite quotes from a “more than regular” person comes from children’s author Laura Ingalls Wilder. She said, “I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”

So that’s that, BEDA-ites. Do you feel introduced?




One response

1 04 2010

Seriously, there is no answering a question with a question! Also, that is an entirely beautiful quote “from a regular person.” I wish I were that eloquent.

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