hi again

22 02 2010

haven’t blogged in a very very long time. and now, i find myself reeling in the wake of an unexpected breakup (i was the very unsuspecting and very upset dumpee in the situation). i don’t want to turn this into my emo-dumping ground for all of those feelings.

but i do want to keep track of the things i’m doing now. i need to celebrate my small steps in healing so that on the days, like today for instance, when it seems like the sky is falling in on me, i have some place to go to remind myself that it isn’t.

i was going to learn mandarin (old bf was chinese america) as a new hobby, but obviously those flashcards and nifty language learning tools are going back to where they came from. i could still learn it– there’s only a few people in the world that speak it– but essentially all my motivation for learning it is now gone. i invited facebook to suggest me some new hobbies and i’m gonna try a few to see if any stick.

today, i’m attempting to learn to knit. i checked out from the library some fun books on knitting that have lots of good diagrams and pictures for beginners. i also checked out 2 instructional videos on knitting. hobby lobby supplied me with a “learn to knit” kit, and i picked out some yarn that i like that i think is the right weight for the needles in my kit. we shall see.




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