in other (work) news

17 09 2008

that was a long post about my science life, and as interesting as that is, sadly, its been on the back-burner the last few weeks.

i can’t really go into a lot of detail, out of respect for others privacy, but my boss has been out of the building for the last two weeks very unexpectedly. so we’ve been scrambling around planning her programs and covering her hours and trying to make decisions and progress forward and its all been so tiring.

i mean, i’ve been amazed at how much we have been able to accomplish being down a whole full-time person, who really does about a full-time plus a half-time person’s worth of work, but at same time, we’ve also discovered huge problems in the way we do some things. or i guess don’t. yes, the way we don’t do some things.

i think one of the things that’s been stressful for me about the whole situation is that i have given up a lot of my “off desk” time–the time when we’re at work but not in the public sphere, either on the reference desk or doing a program–in order to cover things. i’m happy to fill in, but the introvert that lives inside me that makes me tick gets very worn out this way. when i come home at night, i just lay down on the couch and about 2 or 3 hours later (so like 8pm) i’m usually sound asleep!

the situation has made me think about a lot of different things, both personally and professionally. professionally, i’m a lot more motivated to get my programs planned well in advance, and i’ve started thinking a lot more about how i can make what i do more transparent in the event that i would need to be gone suddenly, for an extended period of time.

i’ve also thought about what it means to be on a team, and what being a team member looks like. i’m learning the things that i do as a team member and i’m starting to evaluate whether those behaviors are good or not. for instance, my first reaction to trying to adjust the schedule when i first learned that we were going to have to change everything, was to simply cover everything myself. not only would it be completely impossible for me to do that, i realized that part of the reason rescheduling things was so difficult, was because that was the same thing my boss tends to do.

we’re going to get through this rough patch, i think we’re going to come out a better team because of it, but the introvert that i am…. i’m craving off desk time again, soon!




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