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17 09 2008

so i wrote that whole post, and realized it was all about work. and work is interesting to me, but not so much to other not me people.

what else have i been up to?

hmm… i’ve been homesick lately. something about stress and mommies that go together i think.

i got a new phone (hello 21st century) and have already hung up on people lots of times (in a variety of ways, astonishingly). but its been fun–and i’ve already used the camera feature, so i’m happy (and it was zero dollars, even better!)

i finally had prints made for all the pictures from graduation. that made me grad school-sick. i’m a part of a community here in the city sense, but i miss the community in the people sense, and in the “body of learners” sense. we’re a body of learners at the library, but its not the same as class. work doesn’t come with a tentative syllabus. it just comes tentative. 🙂

i got to break out the sweaters this week! fall is arriving and i love it. the crisp cool mornings, local apples in the grocery store, trees with golden leaves, geese honking… mmm fall. toss in pumpkins and cider, cover it all with a fleece blanket, and i’m a happy camper.

oh, and brownies (even when they’re from Cookling Light), are good for the soul.

the end.

today, we learned some words to talk about fall, like crisp, apples, golden, and geese. teaching your children news words–building what we call their vocabulary–helps them when they start to read. i don’t know why i always feel the need to end with a literacy tip, but it just comes so naturally. i guess that’s the goal, right?

peace. (oh, speaking of, i’ll have to write about the glorious (dripping with sarcasm) global unity storytime we had on september 11. good times.




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19 09 2008

Whoa, bonanza of posts! Love it! I’ve been thinking about how I miss you and Katrina in SG. 😦

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