I’m a Grown-Up (shhh… don’t tell anyone!)

1 06 2008

Its true, I’m a grown-up. How do I know? I went to bed before 11 every night last week–including Saturday! Yikes! Okay, so its not that bad. I love the library, everyone has been welcoming, gracious, and best of all–patient! Save one giant box that I have to somehow fold in order for it to fit into our dumpster, all my furniture is set-up. All that’s really missing now is personality (all the walls are very white).

Crazy story number one: I was going to go to Target on Friday, except I couldn’t. Why? Their parking lot was under water. I’m not near the area where the tornado was last week, but we got some stellar rain one night that caused a local river to explode overnight, covering some streets, closing businesses, and forcing people out of their homes. Luckily I work in a public place so I was aware of it!

Crazy story number two: So my mom and I went to church last Sunday before my dad got here for lunch. We more or less picked one off a list I had gotten in my relocation package from the local Chamber of Commerce. When we got there, the last name of the pastor was one that was familiar to us, not because it was Johnson or Smith or something like that, but because it was the (somewhat unique) last name of my elementary school principal. Of course we had to ask at the end of the service, and it turns out we were correct–my elementary school principal’s son is the pastor of the church I really like here. Crazy and cool all at the same time.

I still don’t have Internet at my apartment (waiting on the landlord to make a decision about possibly bundling Internet and cable into our rent), so I feel incredibly behind on everything outside of my job and what news I can get from the local stations.




2 responses

2 06 2008

That’s so crazy about your principal’s son! You’re never too far from home, I suppose… 🙂 Glad you’re all set up. Sounds like you’ve been busy so far!

Welcome to adulthood. You’re gonna love it, for real.

2 06 2008

yay for everything starting to fall into place! And that’s an odd coincidence with the pastor!

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