Armed with cap and gown…

15 05 2008

…I’m ready to graduate! 🙂

This time next week, I’ll be enjoying a few days on my home turf before heading down to start my “new life. I’m thrilled to be spending this week enjoying the company of my friends and family (when they arrive). Its nice not to have to rush everywhere and stress about homework, but really just enjoy spending time with people I love. This week I’ve already had a dinner, ice cream, and Jane Austen movie marathon, planned a scavenger hunt for my roommate to complete to find her birthday gift, set a lunch meeting with my favorite undergrad from work, baked some treats for a small group potluck, picked out an outfit for our department’s graduation party, tried to brainstorm fun things to do with my fam on Saturday if its raining.. whew. And I’ve slept. A lot. Its been marvelous! 🙂

As always, the feelings are mixed about graduating. I’ve had a great two years here, learned a lot, and have grown a lot too.  I went from thinking that I could only really relate to teens, to taking a job where one of my first “duties” is going to including being the backup person for toddler storytimes. I have so much to learn about little kids, kids lit, and how to be a good “educator” but I’m excited for the challenge. I’m honored that the library saw something in me that they loved, that they are excited about, and are “anxiously awaiting” my arrival, as the most recent email I received from them stated.

As a person, I have a lot to learn about building relationships and communication that span many miles. I feel a lot of regret about friendship that have lapsed from my past. And I know that I’m often lazy when it comes to calling, writing, and staying in touch. And I can be quick to judge when it comes to the effort I perceive others putting into staying in touch with me. Add all that together and you don’t get a happy sum. So I’ll work on it, and slowly but surely, I hope I’ll get better at it. And I hope that people will be patient, and gracious, and willing to forgive my incredible awkwardness, because it all comes from a very real and genuine place.




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