21 04 2008

So I spent the weekend in Ames looking at apartments with my parents. I’ve got one picked out, and I’m waiting to hear back from the landlord, so that’s exciting. It was interesting looking at some of the places that sounded so great on paper, but in reality, were not so great. We went to one where they didn’t even bother to vacuum before showing it to us, and the previous tenant had left all sorts of little things on the floor (paper clips, pet hair, etc). Even if it hadn’t had anything else wrong, that in itself would have made me cross it off the list. I realize they come in and clean all these places before renting them out, but wouldn’t you also want to clean before showing it? Who knows. I appreciated the 2 guys that we met with who own and rent their own buildings– they knew the most about the properties, were the friendliest, and were the most willing to work with me to get things in the space that I wanted.

So now its back to homework, projects, and tying up all the loose ends. Once I have some journals done for class (Tuesday by 9pm), this week is wide open (which means I should get a head start on some of my finals), which I am quite happy with!




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