Handwriting Fonts

26 07 2011

Anyone who knows me knows I love fonts. (Except Comic Sans. I still cringe every time I open a folder at work only to find page after page of Comic Sans). So imagine my delight when I learned I could submit my handwriting to be considered for fonterizing by kevinandamanda.com. Dear readers, I just knew you all would be as excited as I would to embark on this journey, so here’s a link with instructions on how to create the sample necessary for consideration. Let me know if any of you are among the chosen! 🙂


TILT (Special Tuesday Edition)

5 07 2011

Things I Love (Special) Tuesday Edition:

1. I traveled this weekend to celebrate a special wedding. Two of my friends from grad school got hitched– and it meant a big reunion for our small group and fellow GradIVers. 

2. Successfully changing the rolls of lamination in 15 minutes today (last year it took me at least an hour).

3. Changing the rolls of lamination because I had 6 boxes of flashcards to laminate that I purchased from the Dollar Spot at Target.

4. Packing. More to come about that one 🙂

Design Your Own Giant Book Shapes

24 05 2011

Okay, so… I have a pack of these “Design Your Own Giant Book Shapes” that I purchased from Oriental Trading Company to use for our summer reading program. I thought it would be fun to color these in and then stick the business-card sized sign up slips summer reading club participants are filling out on the front for fun displays.

Trouble is… these bad boys are 28″ by 22″. Artsy people of the world… what would you recommend to color these (they’re your basic white cardboard right now). I’d like something quick and easy (so recommending colored pencils is not going to win you a gold star).

I don’t necessarily want to just slap a bunch of poster paint on them… I’d like to be able to see the lines defining the book without having to be real fussy about it, if that makes sense.



19 05 2011

Etsy is such a great thing. I love being able to purchase handmade items from artists and crafters all over the world. I recently stumbled across a new store, Booktique and I am so in love with my new, adorable headband I had to share.

Lora recently passed on a link to Heartsy, which is like Groupon but for Etsy. Once you create a free account, you have access to tons of deals on specific items– the only catch is there’ s a limited number of vouchers available for each deal, so you have to act fast or you might lose out!

B3DA Day 30

30 04 2011

I made it!

It was surprisingly easy for me to blog everyday, and it turns out I kinda liked it. I hope I occassionally had interesting things to say.

Not sure if this means I’ll be posting more frequently throughout the year. I’m glad the daily pressure of making sure a post got done by midnight is gone, but I’ll miss the prompts. Its not that I dislike writing so much as I don’t feel like I lead the kind of life that lends itself to interesting blogging (as in I’m not off in a foreign country or saving orphans or washing oil off of puffins somewhere).

So readers, what would you like me to blog about? Prompts happily accepted!

B3DA Day 29

29 04 2011

It’s Follow Friday. I’m going for a creative interpretation award with this one. 🙂

Follow… your heart. Except when it gets you in trouble.

Follow… the leader. Sing it with me! Name that Disney movie! Sometimes you just have to, even when you don’t want to.

Follow… wisdom. When you find something that speaks truth in your life, follow it. Learn about it, think about it, talk about it, interact with it in meaningful ways.

Follow… the rules. Not every rule was meant to be broken, and not every rule is just, but in general I think boundaries and expectations and accountability are good things.

Follow… your feet, for they’ll always bring you home. (Name the movie that inspired this one?)

Follow… your nose. Except if it smells like Iowa. Many of you know what I mean.

Follow… the news. This is one of those things I aspire to. I don’t want to be a person who lives in a bubble, oblivious to the events and people around them. I have to confess though, (no offense Blake, I know I’m touching on your chosen career path here) that I find many news stories leaving me with more questions or feeling pretty hopeless. Its not the journalists’ fault people do stupid things that hurt themselves or others, or that gigantic tornadoes or hurricanes or tsunamis destroy lives, I know that.

So that’s my Follow Friday. Peace!

B3DA Day 28

28 04 2011

Things I Love Thursday

1. Sad to say it, but I’m loving that I only have two more days of this BEDA business.

2. I love learning new things. Between the Egypt exhibit at the Science Museum and the newspaper this morning (did you know armadillos can pass leprosy to humans? think twice before hunting a ‘dillo and trying to pry its shell off with your bare hands people, that’s all I’m saying).

3. Honesty. That one’s a bit of a two-edged sword because sometimes you don’t like what you hear, sometimes what you hear hurts or is confusing, but in the end, its better to know than to assume, and its better to talk than to stay silent.

4. Big Bang Theory. Most people who know me well know of my adoration for Big Bang Theory. I’ve been watching a lot of it this week and its been good. Always enjoyable finding something to laugh about.